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In touch with leading companies: Relevance to Business

The MSc in Strategy & Organisation Consultancy regularly plays host to top consultants who share their insights and best practices with students.

EDHEC Students

EDHEC Students

To round out the course on mergers & acquisitions and strategic alliances, for instance, PwC offers a due-diligence workshop in which consultants share excerpts from past deliverables.

Knowing the importance of such endeavour to the durability of any competitive advantage from M&A, the students enjoyed an entire day with the PwC team examining all aspects of due diligence and the screening of companies before any acquisition. The workshop made notably sense when consultants shared some samples of their previous deliverables for demanding clients.

Representatives from another consulting firm, Accenture, led an exceptional workshop in which consultants and students discussed modelling of the French insurance industry for 2020. It was an empirically grounded exploration of what forecasts and modelling look like in a highly crowded and competitive market.

Not but not least, Capgemini Consulting our Corporate Programme Sponsor, lead a seminar on business transformation where students can develop their understanding of project management, problem-solving frameworks and crisis management.

Other workshops take place on a regular basis with leading companies including Eurogroup and Atos Consulting. They offer fresh operational insight highly appreciated by the students, not to mention opportunities for them to build their professional networks.


Business Management Track, Master of Science


June 26, 2014

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