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EDHEC Business School MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation

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The programme offers two minors:

Minor in Strategy & Business Intelligence

The academic architecture of the track is in line with the capabilities needed to assist organisations in collecting meaningful data to predict and influence the future.
It is embedded in multi-functional business simulations and corporate challenges.

♦  Innovation management : Define, discuss, analyze and compare innovative strategies used in business for product and service creation

♦  Strategic analysis& business intelligence: Generate meaningful information with appropriate technology and processes to feed strategic analysis. Conduct strategic thinking

♦  Global DNA: Use competitive strategy tools for decision-making. Refine and extend strategy in the fields of product offering, strategic price and distribution. Reflect upon strategic choices and adjust them.

Minor in Consulting

Capgemini Consulting helps students build their capabilities in the field of management consulting while preparing them for the realities, perspectives and challenges of the sector.

♦  Digital Transformation Seminar by Capgemini Consulting: Measure economic, organizational and social impacts of a digital transformation. Understand the structure a transformation project, from strategic analysis to design and implementation phases.

♦  Cracking business cases: techniques and capabilities: Learn how to "crack the case", i.e. integrate the capability to develop a robust structured recommendation when confronted to any business problem. Understand the recruiting process at strategy and management consultancies.

♦  Business ethics for consultants : Better frame ethical issues related to consulting.    Apprehend typical dilemmas that occur in the business field. Recall CSR principles and their impact on business.

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