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EDHEC Business School MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation

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Testimonials - MSc in Strategy, Consulting & Digital Transformation

 Romain Saguy  Karim Niemela, 2009-10
 Malak Adouch  
Manu Bishnoi (EDHEC 2013) - India

I chose EDHEC mainly because I liked the course modules of the MSc in Strategy & Organisation Consultancy programme. I felt it was the right course to expand my existing skill set and learn more about economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting. Read more...

Etienne Cassuto (EDHEC 2013) - South Africa

Following my work at the United Nations in Switzerland I decided to pursue graduate studies in business management with the goal of obtaining more knowledge and practice in the application of tools and processes of business strategy and organisational management. Read more...

Diane Simon de KergunicDiane Simon de Kergunic (EDHEC 2012) - France
The MSc is the best training to develop and structure strategic thinking, which is essential for beginning a consultant’s career. It gave me the theoretical tools and frameworks required to strengthen my problem-solving capabilities through diversified modules and case studies. Moreover, meeting consultants in class was the best way to back up those theoretical tools with their professional point of view and experience. The programme helped me for sure in successfully preparing my interviews.

Romain SaguyRomain Saguy (EDHEC 2011) - France
Consultant - Eurogroup

I signed my contract with Eurogroup in February, two months before the end of the programme. Besides the theoretical content of the lessons that give you the fundamental basis to properly undertake a consulting mission, the MSc in Strategy and Organisation Consultancy made us enter the daily work of consultants, proposing various immersion workshops. Consequently, when came the time to convince interviewers, I was able to talk their language, perfectly knowing the job I was applying for. It made me more competitive than other candidates.

Malak AdouchMalak Adouch (EDHEC 2010) - Morroco
I chose EDHEC for the quality of its programmes, its high notoriety both in France and abroad and its international exposure. It was very important for me to study in a school that offered these characteristics. EDHEC was the perfect choice as I have myself an international profile: I lived in Morocco, Argentina and France. Read more...

Karim NiemelaKarim Niemela (EDHEC 2010) - Finland/Lebanon

I chose the MSc in Strategy & Organisation Consultancy because it matched my ambition to pursue a career in consulting. I can say now that the programme equipped me with the right strategic and analytical tools needed in business consulting. I was also attracted to the fact that it is a shorter programme, which allowed me to apply my knowledge during the mandatory internship. Read more...


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